We specialize in modeling talent and the most beautiful women to make your events unforgettable.

All of our exotic dancers and performers are ļ¬gures of beauty, passion, and elegance who give a new meaning to the symbolic phrase “GODDESSES.” They will make it rain...

Book Online

The Dimes & Dames online booking reservation service is the easiest way to ensure that your party happens just the way that you planned it—down to the the minutest detail. As soon as you complete the D & D Reservation From, our online representatives will promptly respond to your email requests with pertient information regarding our services, rates, and expert advice that will help to guarantee a highly satifying and memorable extravaganza!

Over the Phone

If you are unable to send in the online reservation form, you can call our office at 1-888-415-DIME to speak to our customer service representatives, who will be happy to assist you with any of your booking needs. Please note that we require our clients to notify us as least 24 hours in advance to allow us adequate time to properly prepare your party or event.
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