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Photo Scav App Icon
Photo Scav

App icon design for an iPhone game, where you go on a scavenger hunt by taking photos.

Detective Bond
Detective Bond

This app lets you anonymously record and upload videos and photos, if you happen to witness any criminal events.

Photo Hack Day 4

Icon Design for a maze game. Featured in TechCrunch.

Julio Monkey
Julio Monkey

Introducing Julio, our special envoy of the Monkey Republic.

TJ Monogram
TJ Symbol
TJ Monogram

This symbol reminds us of a merman holding his tail. Based on the Gill Sans Bold drawing of t and j.

Meeting Grounds
Meeting Grounds logo
Meeting Grounds

This mark identifies an urban phenomenon — cafes as a meeting place for singles.

By adding a simple line over the eyes, the two cups slyly check each other out.

Amiable logo

Personal logo design for Mabel, whose name means “lovable, amiable” (derived from the name Amabel).

The dog looks at you with macaroni eyes, perhaps adoringly.

Alminder Logo

Logo for a time management app, inspired by rotating Solari boards in train stations around the world.

Groundwork Open Source Icons
GroundWork Icons
Groundwork Open Source Icons

Icon design for GroundWork Open Source, a company whose flagship application monitors networks.

Windows Icons
MSN Toolbar Icons

Iconographic system for Windows Live and the MSN Toolbar for IE 7, in collaboration with Razorfish.

Fusion Achievement Badges
Fusion Achievement Badges

Icon system of badges that companies can earn in the Guidewire Fusion web app.

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